Dorothy's Dance Plus Studio prides itself in offering a dance program that is more educational than recreational. As a parent writing out a check for tuition, you want your child to learn rather than play. You want to know "Is this worth it". A dance technique syllabus has to be both emotionally and age appropriate.

From the day I graced this earth, my passion has always been to dance. I have made performing and teaching my lifelong career.

I want my school to be full of loving, animated, energetic and hard-working students who are dedicated to learning, dancing and performing to the best of their ability.

My teachers and myself will work with parents to give your children/students the premium training and education your children/students deserve.

Dance training increases one's memory as well as physical capabilities. Dance training enhances discipline, organization of one's time, self-assurance and teaches commitment. All of these tools help our young people in so many ways.

Come join us.


Registration forms are now available to print and return filled out upon registration day. Please see the Register page.

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